Good behavior with parents is the key to success۔

I belong to Toba Tek Singh district. My mother was thirteen years old when my nano passed away. You can earn money and feed them or you can stay at home as their protector. So when my mother reached the age of sixteen, my mother married my grandfather to his nephew (my mother’s cousin) thinking that he is a good looking boy at home, he understands my daughter well, he is also my nephew So it will make me happy, but it turned out to be my grandfather’s dream. My grandfather lived for one and a half years after my mother’s marriage. After pleading with my brother (my grandfather), he sent my mother back.
When my grandfather passed away a year and a half later, my mother became completely destitute. My grandparents got an open holiday. That once my father had to go for Friday prayers and my mother could not keep his clothes because of his bad condition. So they beat my mother with a washing stick and broke her shoulder bone. After breaking the shoulder bone, they did not bother to see any doctor. On the contrary, if my mother was groaning in pain, Beaten and given titles such as excuses, even a broken bone due to constant movement cut off the blood supply to the fingers and arm.

ٰI will always miss my parents.

When the blood supply vessels were cut off, the blood supply slowly stopped reaching the fingers and the arm began to become lifeless. When my mother was completely paralyzed, they accused my mother of immorality and divorced her, and drove her out of the house when my mother was divorced and kicked out of the house.
At that time I was seven months old in my mother’s womb. For two months my mother was sheltered by the village midwife in her house. Two months later, when I was born, my grandparents were in danger. So they took my mother out of the midwife’s house and also from the village. After being evicted from the village, my mother had no other place, so my mother wrapped me in a bundle of cloth and sometimes with the help of teeth. Hanging by the shoulder, Toba Tek Singh reached the city and on the first night my mother took me under a fleshy crack and all night my mother kept me awake on her lap so that no stray dog ​​would chew me.
As time goes by, first my mother fills her stomach by picking up the dirty fruit lying around the fruit carts, then by the system created by Allah Almighty, she converts this food into milk and arranges food for me and fills my stomach. When my mother spends some time in the bazaar, the local shopkeepers start trusting my mother, so they get the job of cleaning the shops.
After picking me up in the shops and putting me in a swing-like cloth behind me and hanging it behind me, it would be very difficult to clean with only one hand. My mother lays me down on her lap and sews shoes with the help of one hand and mouth. They get their shoes dirty and give them to my mother for polishing. And when my mother cleans these shoes with the help of mouth and clothes, they laugh at my mother’s helplessness.
As time goes on, when I reach the age of going to school, my mother, through the local imam of the mosque and some esteemed people, my father takes a copy of the identity card on the promise that my son will never grow up in Dadhial’s property. My mother enrolls me in the school after receiving a copy of the identity card. My teacher, Syed Zafar Sahib, when he finds out about my condition, picks me and my mother from the bazaar and brings us to his house. We have a separate room. They pay and bear all our expenses. In return, despite the refusal of my mother Syed Zafar Shah, she takes charge of the household chores. I get selected And I am counted among the top ten cadets. I complete the course and I get married to the daughter of a respected teacher.
When I am on a mission as Captain Intelligence, my dear teacher, father-in-law Syed Zafar Sahib dies of a heart attack. I cannot attend his funeral and after completing the mission I spend all week in his grave. I apologize for not being able to shoulder the burden of his funeral. When the grief of my heart is light, I go back to my duty. I was on a mission in Balochistan to form a team and destroy the enemy.
When I found out that my mother had a stroke, I resigned from the army despite my seniors’ badge mates even stopping my spouse and engaged in the service of my mother. I remember Colonel Latif and Brigadier Imtiaz. I was told that after this decision you will regret it. My wife had sworn to me that she would leave no stone unturned in the service of my mother. Somewhere in my heart, there was a feeling that my mother could not tell my wife what she could tell me, so I resigned and began to serve my own mother. If I had never spent a night out of the house, I would have spent 18 hours out of 24 hours with my mother. I had built a small car showroom on which the employee would sit. So blessed that I have seven showrooms abroad in Norway today I have my own industry in Pakistan today my mother has passed away. My children are young. My daughter is studying in the United States. Both sons have run a business in Norway after completing their education. My children are waiting for their parents to give an order and they will carry it out. Some time ago, I went to the United States with my wife to visit my daughter. At the request of our daughter, we went to the old home. Gone in Pakistan, his horror, his splendor, his splendor, everything is gone in America, he was just a skeleton And was advised to be buried in the Muslim cemetery on his death.
When I got home tired from my return from the old home, my daughter and my wife started pressing me and massaging me. Kindness to parents is an act that you will write today, tomorrow your children will read it to you and the condition of Brigadier Imtiaz sealed my thinking.

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