A long meeting with the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

I had a meeting with Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on 19th March 2018. This meeting was one on one and it took place in the office of the Chief Justice and lasted for about an hour. The Chief Justice asked me: What is your opinion? ”I asked.“ I know you from two sources. You were the Federal Law Secretary in 1997-98. “I agreed to watch some of your speeches on television. I felt you wanted to do a lot but you are helpless.”
The Chief Justice agreed with my observation.
“I am most helpless because of my department (judiciary),” he said. Yesterday, I said to the judges of the High Court, ‘A country has to pay Rs 45,000 a day for a judge of the High Court.’ On average, one-fourth of the decisions are made every day. This rate is very low. I tied my hands in front of the judges and said, ‘Work for God.’
I said, “You are being questioned. You are overstepping your authority. You are interfering in the affairs of the executive.” The Chief Justice listened to me with satisfaction and said, Call me whenever and wherever I feel I am overstepping my authority. I will apologize to the whole nation but you tell me whether the common man should not get clean water.

You go to Rawal Lake. There is the stench of housing societies, factories, poultry houses, and fences in the lake and this water is supplied to the whole of Rawalpindi. Has any government agency ever checked this water or its sanitation system? Seen! To date, no one has gone there. Aren’t the people of Rawalpindi human? Look at the hospitals. What is happening there? The Punjab government has awarded a contract to a hospital in Lahore to pick up hospital waste, both of whose heads are illiterate, inexperienced, and due to the seriousness of hospital waste. They don’t even know. ‘I called them and asked,’ Where have you set up kilns to burn this waste?
He had no answer. I know these two are frontmen. There is someone else behind them and he is consuming crores of rupees of the state every month. This dishonesty fixed hundreds of bombs of deadly diseases in Lahore city. Do you know who Ali is and why he has this contract?
I called the Chief Minister of Sindh and showed him the drinking water and said to him, “Come, you and I both drink a glass of this water.” The Chief Minister had no answer. But it does not creep into anyone’s ears. We judges are human beings after all. We are also Pakistanis. We are not living in a vacuum. Shall we sit with our eyes closed? You tell me what to do? ”He became silent and started looking at me.
I said, “There is no capacity in the head of government and government institutions. If you insist, the system will be broken. It will not be improvised.” The Chief Justice became emotional. He put his hand on his heart and said. “Javed sahib you write my word” then these people will have to improve this system “I will not back down at all” these people have to give the rights of common people ” I would like to remain silent. I will not sit still. If I had to sit down, I would sit down, but I will continue to work with both the bureaucracy and the politicians. Stay tuned.

He paused and said, “You are a Punjabi. You know the term for a tangled string and a doll stuck in the mud.” People sit in the shadows and scarcity keeps pushing it. Pakistan has become such a mess.
Our privileged class is unloading their luggage and going to other countries. The bureaucracy is resting in the shadows and the people are pushing this helpless doll. I am not ready to join the first two classes. ‘I will neither watch the spectacle nor take off my luggage and go out’ I and my descendants will be buried in the same land ‘This country has also become a tangled string’ “We are the entangled strings of a tangled system,” he said.

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